The River Thames by night


‘The River Thames by night’ is a hand-woven art installation piece that tells the story of the stunning city lights alongside the River Thames in London from Tower Bridge to The Houses of Parliament. It has been designed to look like a landscape painting mirroring both the buildings and their casting reflections.

My inspiration came from taking my own night time photography and then piecing the photographs together to make a panoramic landscape. My work is also influenced by textile artists Ptolemy Mann and Mary Restieaux whose work and techniques have similarities that of a painting.

The piece has been hand-woven using spun silk which has been dyed by hand to accurately match the colours to the photographs. The bottom of each of these colours have then been dip-dyed in black to give the impression that they are fading into the darkness, creating a sense of movement similar to the rippling reflections in the water. A satin/sateen structure has been used throughout the piece to provide a raised shiny surface on one side of the cloth while the underneath is smooth and matte; this therefore helps to portray the difference between the city lights & the darkness surrounding them.

The original intention for this piece was to be exhibited in a London gallery close to the River Thames such as the Tate Modern. But it would also appeal to artists/designers and people who live or enjoying visiting London with a modern home where the piece could be displayed as a landscape painting.