Through the looking glass


‘Through the looking glass’ is a collection of three pieces based on the film ‘Alice in Wonderland’. It is primarily based upon the unique characters and colour schemes within the film while taking into consideration the way in which Wonderland is perceived as another world and the curiosity that Alice felt to unearth this unknown place.

My inspiration came from taking my own photographs of shadows & lights produced by cracks of doors which give the idea of looking through to another world, looking through one side into the other. I manipulated these photographs on Photoshop in order to emphasize the colours and the light emitting from the crack in the door.

Each piece has been hand-woven using spun silk which has been dyed by hand to accurately match the colours to my photographs and the colour schemes within the film. I have used a structure known as ‘Plain weave’ incorporated into a Double-Cloth, resulting in a fabric that has two sides that are very different from each other, portraying the colour changing stripes of the radiator very well as the top cloth interchanges with the bottom. Each piece illustrates the difference in side’s very well and the idea of looking through one world into another.

I have visualised these piece as a collection of three pieces of artwork set into a wall where the viewer has access to both sides and can experience a little of Alice’s curiosity to discover the unknown. These designs could also be used for soft furnishings or upholstery to add a unique touch to a modern home. Although the inspiration for this fabric can be disregarded for the use in the home I have found that people appreciate the fabric’s overall appearance a lot more by knowing its original concept.